It’s more important than ever to supply ourselves and our families with healthy food. The wonderful news is we can do this while at the same time contributing to healing the earth. How we tend and grow our soil is key to growing nutrient dense food and to sequestering carbon in the ground.  Good healthy soil equates to good nutritious food which nourishes people and the planet.

Gardening is also a wonderful way to restore your emotional balance and reduce stress.  Studies show gardening is one of the best activities for our physical and mental well being and it's fun to do with your children and grandchildren.  There is nothing like watching a garden grow and tasting your first juicy warm cherry tomato right off the vine. 

One of the major obstacles to growing a garden is often the task of simply getting started. I love helping people of all ages bring their desire to grow a garden into a reality.  I will listen to what it is that you want and what you have the time and resources to do so together we can create a garden plan that works for you.

In my practice I focus on permaculture design principles, organic regenerative soil amendments, and using native plants to support pollinators and increase the diversity of our local ecosystem.  

In my practice I focus on permaculture design principles, organic regenerative soil amendments, and using native plants to support pollinators and increase the diversity of our local ecosystem.


During our sessions I will give you the hands-on tools and information you need to grow delicious and nutritious food in your backyard while building the soil.  You will be joining a growing movement of regenerative climate victory growers across the world.



Regenerative Climate Victory Garden Basics:  Getting Started I & II. I will cover soil, compost, and growing food basics. (1 hour) Saturdays, Apr 3rd & 17th 10:30-11:30am or Wednesdays, Apr 7th & 21st 1:30-2:30pm. 

$20 per person or family/free for those who sign up to do individual consultations or current farm members

Individual Consultations


Steps 1: Initial Consultation (30-45 min)


A 30-45 min walk through of your property to envision your goals for your growing space and to identify potential sites for your garden.




Step 2: Site Analysis and Getting Started


If after step one you would like to continue to work with me on your garden design, I will do a more in depth site analysis and assessment of potential growing spaces including solar readings to identify the amount of sunlight available.  I will demonstrate how to do soil samples, identify current plant species that may have an impact on your garden decisions, and help you further define your goals and vision for your garden.  


Post visit, I will write up a short report to send to you that will restate your goals and vision, include my observations and basic recommendations, soil building instructions, and some resources for you to explore. 


Every individual's site and needs are different. Based on past experience, in addition to 1-2 hours to write a customized report for you and gather resources, I estimate an hour or two for the site visit and 2-4 hours for additional site visits or consulting time via zoom, text or phone to discuss plant selection and their care requirements and to answer any questions you might have. 


This may be all you need or want to get started.  If you want further help with your garden design, continue on to Step 3.  


In response to the coronavirus, I am reducing my rates from $150-$200 to $100-$150 dependent on size, complexity and level of need.  I will provide an estimate after the initial consultation. ​ From past experience, I estimated between 4-6 hours for spaces no larger than 1000 sq ft. I plan to provide a number of consultations at minimal to no cost for those with limited income and need.​ Please send an email of interest for that options.


Step 3: Garden Design Plan 


Time to generate your garden design.  I can either give you the tools and information you need to sketch the design yourself and give you feedback or I can sketch the design for you based on our conversations to date. I will send videos and articles to help support you in the garden design and plant selection process.


The design will include recommended plants (exact locations, spacing & quantities, planting plan/times, maintenance instructions), soil building maintenance instructions, and instructions on how to build and maintain your own vermicomposting bin. 


An additional cost: I will write up an estimate for you dependent on garden size, complexity and projected hours required. I plan to provide a number of consultations at minimal to no cost for those with limited income and need.

About Me

I have been an organic gardener for over 25 years, earning my certification in permaculture design through Sowing Solutions: Permaculture Design and Ecological Gardening, and completing my training as a Soil Advocate with Kiss the Ground. I am an avid grower, experienced educator, impassioned cook, and budding nutritionist who loves a delicious home cooked meal made from fresh produce from the garden.


What past clients have had to say:

Kathy’s vast knowledge about sustainable gardening, her effective communication and teaching skills, and her ability to understand and help execute my goals have made her an ideal consultant. She is creative and innovative, and her enthusiasm is infectious.  My budding interest in gardening is now a full-blown passion whereby each day I look forward to cultivating and expanding my herb garden and woodland flower beds.  I recommend Kathy wholeheartedly.” 

 “Kathy is very good at discerning where you are at with gardening and helping you move forward from there.  She is very knowledgeable, and good at helping you pace yourself.  It’s been a pleasure to work with her.  I highly recommend her consultations!” 

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