March 25th, 1-4pm Chainsaw Work Party - Sara (Hutch, Heath, Roy, Doug, Dave)


April 8th, 12-2pm Member Brunch and 2-4pm film showing (NaturePlay); Hosting Caring for Communities Bike Riders, maple sugaring,  mushroom logs. Please RSVP for brunch


April 13th, 12-5pm Spring Thaw work day - Sara, Doug, Dave, Bucknell volunteers


May 5th, 8am -12noon - Threading Love 5k; 2-5pm Building project - Scott, Dave, Doug (worm bin); 2-4pm Climate workshop/film discussion - Penn; 4-5:30 pm Insect Nature Walk - Greg; 7-9pm Campfire Sing-along - Brian


May 13th, 1-4pm River Road/Preserve, Protect, Play tabling, mushroom/sprout demo/singing (member volunteers)



June 9th, 2-5pm Building project - Scott, Dave, Doug, Kathy (Solar Dehydrator); 

7-9pm - Campfire sing-along - Brian, 9pm Black Lighting for Insects - Greg


June 16th, 1-5pm - Micro shelter work party - Scott, Dave, Kathy 


July 2nd - 7th - Theater/Arts/Food Week- Kathy, Dave, Emma, Shirley, Mukta

July 7th, 2pm- Theatre/Arts/Food Week Community Performance



Wild & Free Group meets weekly on Friday mornings- Led by Heather Pask

Wild + Free Lewisburg, vision is to preserve the freedom and wonder of childhood, and to create regular opportunity for outdoor play and learning. There is time and space for self guided exploration, as well as more focused activities like wildflower identification, animal tracking, nature journaling, foraging, and blacklighting for insects.


Friday, Sept 28th and Saturday, Sept 29th, from 12:30-3:30pm Food Food Workday- Join Wild Goose Farm members and Bucknell students as we continue to develop the outdoor community spaces at the farm.  Learn about regenerative native plants, food forests guilds and how you might create your own mini food forest in your own backyard. Saturday afternoon will be an opportunity to learn about cultivating mushrooms.  Come inoculate oak logs with shiitake mushroom spores. 


Saturday, Oct 21st, 7-9 Sing A-long & Campfire- Brian Gockley (Come early at 5:30 with food to roast over the fire.  We will provide condiments.)


Saturday, Nov 3rd, 9-12 Trail and Food Forest Work Day to maintain the walking trails and prepare food forest guilds- Heather Pask, Dave, Kathy


Sunday, Nov 4th, 1-5 Creativity Retreat- Alexis Guiterrez




Potluck and discussion about “why local food matters”, March 23rd, 5-7:30


Caring For Communities Regenerative Forest Walk (Sara Street) with Mushroom Demonstration Workshop (Kathy and Dave) and Potluck with a Campfire Sing-along, April  22nd, 2-8pm

Information table with Bucknell's Center for Sustainability and the Environment at the Threading Love 5k , 9-11am


Self Care for Activists (Penn, Jyothi, and Arlyne), May 13th, 3-5pm

Barn film showing of Michael Moore's "Where to Invade Next?" hosted by Activist Millenials for Progress, May 21st, 6-8:30pm



Information table at Protect Preserve Play event in Hufnagle Park, June 4, 1-4pm


Building Sustainable Solutions Weekend– drip irrigation, solar dehydrator, worm bins and low tunnels, evening barn dance, and campfire sing-a-long, June 16th-17th


Building Sustainable Solutions Showcase, June 17th, 2-5pm


100 Monkeys Theatre Intensive with Tina Cody, July 3rd - 8th




Youth Theatre/Art/Food Week, August 15th-20th

Theatre Performance, August 20th, 3pm


Sundays in September and October from 1-5pm.  Farm Work Days (weather permitting) Projects include harvesting/preserving herbs, fruit and vegetables; green building projects – completing the micro-shelter, solar dehydrator and worm bin. 


Saturday, September 16th (rain date the 23rd) - Outdoor games and Campfire Sing-along – with Brian Gockley.


Sunday, October 1st, 3-5pm: Forest Walk with Gerald Hoy – As part of A Walk in PA Woods, learn about the important role of woodlands and private forests in a sustainable ecosystem and the sustainable removal and replacement of invasive plants.  Mushroom inoculation and sampling to follow. 


Saturday, October 21st (rain date the 28th): Member potluck and campfire sing-along with Brian Gockley.



2016 Late Summer & Fall Schedule


Theatre Performance by TAF Week Teens, Saturday, July 2nd, 7pm


Story Cave with Fiona Powell, Wednesday, July 13th and August 10th 8-10pm


Young Adult Theater Project with Tina Cody,July 24th to August 5th


Taking Beyond the Choir: Climate Change Discussion Group Series with Penn Garvin and Doug Orbaker, August 20th and 27th 9am-noon: (Potluck noon-1)



Story Cave with Fiona Powell, Wednesday, Sept 14th & Oct 12th 8-10pm

Building Sustainable Solutions Weekend (Friday, Sept 30th-Sunday, Oct 2nd)

Growing Solutions Workshop, Making Tinctures & Planting Perennial Vegetables, Saturday, Oct 29th, Time TBA*

Campfire Sing-Along with Brian Gockley Saturday, October 29th, 7pm

Meditation & Elemental Dance, TBA*


2016 Spring and Summer


Pruning Workshop



Membership Sugaring Off Breakfast April 2nd

Nature Walk for Caring for Communities Day April 2nd with WGF Mizuki Takashi

Meditation & Elemental Dance

Taking Beyond the Choir: Climate Change Discussion Group Series



Campfire Sing-Along, Friday, May 6th

UU Youth Overnight Retreat, Saturday, May 7th

Taking Beyond the Choir: Climate Change Discussion Group Series

Spring Tree Fest, Saturday, May 14th featuring Billy Kelly (Postponed due to rain)

Growing Solutions, Saturday, May 15th, 12:30-2:30pm (Medicinal Plants)

Meditation & Elemental Dance



Feed Your Soul, a day of workshops and events, Saturday, June 4th, 9am-5pm

Story Cave with Fiona Powell, Wednesday, June 8th 8-10pm

Campfire Sing-Along, Friday, June 10th 7pm

Tree Fest Rescheduled, Saturday, June 12th 1-5pm featuring Billy Kelly

Theatre/Arts/Food Week, June 26th - July 2nd



Summer & Fall


  • Fall Festival (Saturday, Oct 24th 9am-7pm, Raindate Sunday, 25th)


Farm After Dark

  • Member Campfire Song Swap/Sing-along (Friday, Sept 11th, 8-10:30pm), visitors welcome*

  • Film Showing – “Inhabit” with Simple Living Discussion* (Saturday, Sept 12th, 6-8pm), Group Games to follow the movie for those interested in staying on, 8-10pm free for members and movie goers, $5 per person/$10 per family for non-members



  • Meditative Writing Workshop* for teens and adults with Tina Cody, (Saturday, Sept 10th, 10am-noon), free for members, $10 per person for non-members


Work Days (RSVP as dates may change depending on weather)

  • Green Building Work Party– Composting Outhouse II, Sunday, (Aug 29th 1-4pm)



  • Elemental Dance (Dates TBA)

  • Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability NWEI Discussion Course (Sunday, Aug 30th 3-5pm & Sunday, Sept 6th 3-5pm)


Art, Music, & Craft

  • Putting Away the Harvest – Tomato Sauce and Salsa* (Thursday, Sept 1oth, 3-6pm) (Bring own jars and organic tomatoes) RSVP necessary, free for members, $5 for non-members


Workshops on Tap

  • Music in the Barn with Music Educator Georgia Newlin

  • Hand in Hand Parenting Workshop- Kathy & Dave

  • Climate Change Discussion Group-Penn & Doug


*In order to attract certain artists, musician or workshop leaders, a few workshops and events may require an additional fee to compensate the workshop leaders and provide necessary materials and/or preparation.   We intend to subsidize these opportunities by developing a scholarship fund.

**Date subject to change depending on weather and other unanticipated factors. 


Spring 2015 Preliminary Membership Events Schedule

Check the calendar for more details.


Membership Meeting, Planning & Potluck (Saturday, June 13th, 5pm-9:30pm)



  • Springfest (Sunday, April 12th, 3-6pm) Unveiling of phase one of the interactive art play trail, unusual games, art projects, music, food carts or picnic for all ages.

  • Plein Air (Thursday, June 18th, 10am-5pm)


Farm After Dark

  • Whole Life Society hosts Summer Solstice Evening: Connect, Collaborate, Create (Fri Jun 26th, 6pm-12am). An evening of musical performance, drumming, yoga and solstice ceremony.

  • An evening of theater performed by the Wild Goose Farm Theater Art Week Youth (Saturday, August 15th, 7-9:30pm)

  • Farm After Dark: Cookout, games, and movie night (Friday,June 19th 6-11pm)



  • Maple Sugaring:  "Turning Sap into Syrup" (Fri, March 27th, 6-7pm & TBA)

  • Growing Mushrooms on Logs:"How-to for Growing Shittakes" (Fri, Mar 27th, 6-7pm)

  • Fruit Tree Pruning (Fri, April 10th, 5:30-7pm)

  • Woodworking Demonstration (Sun Apr. 12th)

  • Backyard Chickens (Sun Apr 26th 2:30-4pm)

  • Backyard Permaculture Design Principles (Sun May 4th, 2:30-4pm)


Workshops on Tap

  • Growing in the Garden: Planting & Care

  • Vermicomposting

  • Permaculture Design Principles

  • Mushroom Walk:  Indentifying Edible Mushrooms

  • Green Building


Work Days (RSVP as dates may change)

  • Sunday, March 22nd 10am-4pm

  • Saturday, March 28th 10am-4pm 

  • Friday, April 3rd 3-5pm

  • Sunday, April 26th 12-2pm  Pruning & Mushroom Inoculation Work/Learn Party

  • Sunday, June 14th 10am-3pm Biffy Construction


Films & Speakers

  • Sustainability Film Series


Art, Music, & Craft

  • Lewisburg Artist Guild's Plein Air Art Day (Thursday, June 18th) starts at 10am and runs all day.  Free for members and non-members.  No experience necessary. 

  • Collaborative Tile Making Project (Thursday, June 18th, time TBA)

  • Sewing Reusable Cloth Napkins (Saturday, June 20th 1-4pm)

  • Art Workshops (TBA, fee based, reduced fee for members)

  • Barn Dance (TBA)



  • Elemental Dance (Saturday mornings, 9-10am May 16th, May 30th, June 13th (need to confirm), June 27th, July 11th, July 25th)

  • Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability NWEI Discussion Course (June) $27 to cover NWEI materials fee (Starts Sat June 20th 10:30-12)

  • Change is Our Choice:  Creating Climate Solutions NWEI Discussion Course (Aug/Sept) approx $27 to cover NWEI materials fee


Classes on Tap

  • Caring for Children: A Unique Babysitting & First Aid class for Teens*

  • Health and Wellness*

  • Art in the Barn*


Summer Offerings for Kids

  • Art and Food Day with local Artist Jim Reid (for ages 9+), June 12th* 12pm-4pm $35 for non-members/$45 for members, delicious nutritious lunch provided (includes lunch & ice-cream & art supplies) or from 1-3:30pm for the Art Class only, no lunch ($25 WGF members/ $35 non-members.) 

  • Days of Awesomeness (ages 5-9) with Emma K-G & Maya Hart, Friday, June 19th* (10-3pm), and Sat August 29th* (10-3pm), min 5/max 7, kids bring a sandwich, fresh garden salad and drinks provided. $35 members/$45 non-member

  • Theater Art Week with Tina Cody (ages 11+), August 10th-15th* overnight, $475 non-members, $425 members


*In order to attract certain artists, musician or workshop leaders, a few workshops and events may require an additional fee to compensate the workshop leaders and provide necessary materials and/or preparation.   We intend to subsidize these opportunities by developing a scholarship fund.


**Date subject to change depending on weather and other unanticipated factors. 



Fall 2014 (Pre- Membership Events)


An Afternoon at the Farm (October 19th, 12-5pm)

Unusual games, workshops, walking trails, surrey rides, music, food carts or picnic


Workshops Sampling (During the Oct 19th Fun Day)

Clay Tile Making: "A Collaborative Tile Mural Project"

All About Garlic:  "Cooking, Eating, & Planting"

Wild Mushrooms Walk

Pastured Raised Chickens

Growing Micro Greens

Theater Games

Facilitated Co-op Games

Guitar Chords and Song Structure

Health and Healing



Theater Intensive (Nov 6th) for kids ages 10-15 *

Permaculture Basics


Farm After Dark

Campfire, Sing and Games (Thursday, Nov 6th 5-10pm)


Work Days (RSVP as dates may change)

Saturday, Nov 15th, 1pm-5pm





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