Steve Paskovitch (1965-2019)                                    


Steve Paskovitch, a dear friend who worked with us at the farm since we began in 2013, passed away on September 1st.  In addition to our sadness at this sudden loss we have been busy trying to do everything that needs to be done without him.  Here are a few words about what he meant to us and to Wild Goose Farm.


Steve showed up most mornings with a smile on his face and real enthusiasm to do whatever needed to be done. Most mornings we’d sit together for a few minutes before we started work and we’d catch up on what life had presented since we’d seen each other last.  Steve shared the struggles he had with his health, helping to raise his two girls, Ashley and Christie, his frustration with politics, and the challenges of the various jobs he undertook. Invariably we’d get to laughing about something.  I know those morning sessions helped us all keep an even keel when things in our lives and on the farm were demanding.


(Continue reading...) Before long, Steve would jump up and get started.  It didn’t matter the task at hand, he would gather the supplies and set to work.  He was meticulous, often unstoppable, and he never let the scope of the work dampen his enthusiasm.  “We’ll get it done,” he’d say, and sure enough several hours later, he would proudly show us what he’d accomplished and any discouragement we may have felt would be replaced by renewed energy.  He loved being at the farm.  Working sometimes together, sometimes on different tasks, Steve would often stop and say: “Dave and Kathy, is this heaven?” Then he’d pause and follow up with, “No, it’s Iowa,” and laugh.  He would often quote his favorite old movies, like this quote from his favorite “Field of Dreams” and long-retired rock bands from the 70’s and 80’s. He’d tell us that being outside at the farm with a mower or in the barn blowing out cobwebs or wiping down chairs was the best part of his week. The joy he brought to his work got us through many challenges that nature and our many responsibilities presented.  It’s still hard to believe he won’t be showing up this week or next, with his unflappable energy, his good humor and love of the farm.  We are grateful for our time together and all to accomplish and share.


Steve was a shy person and preferred working behind the scenes, so many of you may not know of the important role that he played at the farm for these last 6 years. We’ll dearly miss you, Steve. Thanks for the great spirit you brought to the farm and for everything you’ve done.


Love, the K-G’s



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