Story Cave with Fiona Powell


A story cave is a place that is warm, sheltered, welcoming, where adults and teenagers can sit, share and learn stories together. Folktales contain many wonderful, mysterious, elements. In sharing folktales, we can open up the mind to an incredible understanding of our nature, our environment and of our cultures. We are separate from the tales, so that we can be shocked, but we do not have to personally grieve. We can track the experiences of the hero, watch the trickster, without being tricked or seduced or murdered ourselves.


There are so many lessons in the folktale, and so much joy, so many thrills, and danger that cannot harm us. If we do not perpetuate these tales, we may lose them. They need to stay on our lips, and in our brains. Each tale has myriad lessons for each of us. Not to mention, they are fun!


Led by Fiona Powell chief bard, who is an experienced, knowledgeable and generous storyteller, the group will meet once a month on the second Wednesday from 8:00 on. Free for members. A small fee of $5 for non members to support Fiona's continued work as a storyteller.



 If you'd like to attend please email wildgoosefarmpa@gmail.com.

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