Regenerating the Soil

and Our Community 



Climate Victory Garden Series


We are dedicated to educating individuals and groups to the expanded possibilities and ways to live a regenerative and sustainable life. Our classes, events, and mentoring opportunities guide you living and as Gandhi said "to be the change you want to be in the world.


We believe in the power of connection both with one another and with the natural world. At Wild Goose Farm, our forest trails and outdoor opportunities lay the way for individuals and families to connect with each other in a beautiful and safe environment.


For individuals, caregivers, and parents to rest and regenerate our physical and spiritual wellbeing. We don't just have to maintain but must also take time to restore ourselves, so we return home balanced and recharged. We offer easy access to our workshops online and outside onsite.

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Many of our regularly scheduled events and classes at the Farm are still on hold until further notice. We are grateful the Farm has become an outdoor haven for our friends at River Valley Nature School who continue to meet twice a week, masked and outside on the property. 

We continue to extend our invitation to farm members and groups to use the outdoor space with your family or in small pod groups in whatever way is helpful to you - walking, exploring the woods, or just resting in nature.  Being in the woods is one of the most powerful antidotes to the fast-paced change and anxious uncertainty we are all experiencing, so we hope you will take advantage of the Farm as a haven.