Our Mission



Wild Goose Farm is a family owned and operated organization dedicated to teaching and learning about healthful and regenerative living practices. From learning how to grow, prepare and preserve nutritious food, to exploring green solutions to conserving energy, to finding adventure and relaxation in a beautiful natural setting, to making art and performing theater in the barn, we provide opportunities for you to learn and share practical skills while working collaboratively, thinking ecologically and just plain having fun.




1. We help introduce people to easy, affordable ways to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle beyond recycling.

2. We provide hands-on learning experiences to a wide variety of people drawing on local and regional expertise.

3. All donations go to providing educational programing and community events.


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Why Wild Goose Farm


4. We focus on soil health and replacing carbon-based fuel and products – the most important steps we can take to address global warming and support our own health.

5. We provide a beautiful outdoor environment for multigenerational community events that integrate creative arts, outdoor activity, discussions, workshops and play.

6. We promote and support local, organic and sustainable businesses, growers and community organizations.

7. You can tell your grandchildren you were part of the solution

"I have rediscovered a piece of me here at Wild Goose Farm. I forgot the thrill of games and laughter for no reason and the magic of childhood.  I'm leaving with a smile and a new sense of my child self.  I'm beyond grateful for the experience. Thank you for including me in this amazing process. Wild Goose Farm will always hold a special place in my heart."

-WGF Workshop Leader

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